Windows XP AiO 36 in 1 OEM August 2011

الآيزو العملاق الذى يضم 36 نسخه ويندوز أكس بى فى أسطوانه واحده
باخر تحديثات لشهر أغسطس 2011

is 36 disks in 1. It will fit on a single DVD due to packing with a
special app. Duplicate files are written only once so it will all fit
easily. If you need a genuine key, you will need to buy it from

This is the work of many dedicated souls. The one who put their work all
together in this form is called SATHANAS. He was once a member here,
but was banned for some reason or other and refuses to return. I agreed
to post this for him because I used it and it is totally awesome. If you
are a PC tech, you want this. Sathanas asked me to add here that if you
have something negative to say about this, other than a bug you found
or some legitimate issue, go find something else to do with your time.
Nobody cares if you think XP sucks or is worthless. If you don't want
this, fine. Don't download it. Move along now.

Changes since last release

2) Updated MRT to v3.22
3) Updated Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control to v10.3.183.5
4) Removed Burn Aware Free v3.3.1 (latest release forces Ask toolbar install)
5) Fixed issue of corrupted files in MCE builds
6) MCE builds now install with all latest updates for MCE
7) MCE builds now include Windows Digital Media Enhancements: Windows
Dancer, Windows CD Label Maker, Windows Audio Converter, Windows Party
Mode, Themes and Screensavers
Updated Klite Mega to v7.6
9) Updated VLC to v1.1.11
10) Updated Java Runtime to v7
11) Updated Revo Uninstaller to v1.93
12) Updated driverpack CHIPSET to v11.08
13) Updated driverpack GRAPHICS A to v11.07
14) Updated driverpack GRAPHICS B to v11.07
15) Updated driverpack GRAPHICS C to v11.07
16) Updated driverpack MASS STORAGE to v11.08
17) Updated driverpack MISC to v11.08
1 Updated driverpack HUMAN INTERFACE to v11.05
19) Updated driverpack RUNTIMES to v11.07
20) Updated driverpack GRAPHICS PHYSX to v11.07
21) Updated driverpack GRAPHICS LANGUAGES to v11.07
22) Updated driverpack MODEM to v11.07

Size : 3.24Gb

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