Serif DrawPlus X5

قوى وممتع ومصمم تنوعا ان يجعل عملك فنى وجميل والرسومات اسهل من اى وقت
مضى الشعارات تصميم جذاب والوثائق للطباعة وعمل رسومات الويب لافتة للنظر
واللافتات والطلاء ورسم بادوات سهلة تمكنك من تحرير الصور فى اى وقت وتعزيز
صورتك عن طريق تحويلها بسرعة مذهلة الى قطعة فنيه وتحويل الرسومات الى
الرسوم المتحركة واخراج التصاميم الخاصة بك فى جودت عالية ايا كان مستواك
من الخبرة .

Serif DrawPlus X5 is is the powerful and versatile all-in-one graphics studio, that’s perfect for digital art, drawing, sketching, painting,
designing, illustrating and animating! With easy-to-use tools, it
provides everything you need to express your creativity. Draw vector art, sketch ideas, design logos & graphics, paint naturally, turn photos into artwork, create Flash® animations, plus much more. Whether you’re an experienced
designer or drawing novice, DrawPlus makes it easy to create
outstanding designs in less time. There are lots of pre-set ********
types including posters, greetings cards and banners, to kick start your
designs. Create graphics that are optimised for the web as well as
professional-quality buttons and banners with hover and click states. Assign
links to different regions of an image – great for large web banners –
then preview your graphic in a web browser. With DrawPlus, you can make
animations, cartoons, screensavers and more using keyframe or stopframe

Create animations in record time with easy-to-use keyframes that automatically
generate frames between key points in your animations. When you’re
done, export your animation for the web as Flash®, or share as a
QuickTime™ MOV, WMV or AVI video.

For drawing, painting, web graphics, Flash® animations and other digital artwork, DrawPlus X5 is the perfect software
package. Its power and flexibility mean you don’t need to invest in
multiple programs. Plus it’s easy to use too – even if you’ve never done
any digital artwork in the past. With Serif’s new Accelerated Graphics
Technology, you can create high-quality artwork faster than ever before.
Tailor your projects for print or the web and open, edit and share
files in industry-standard formats. Produce amazing digital designs and
artwork, at any size, regardless of your level of experience.

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